Hank Dietle's Tavern

Currently Closed - Thanks to all who are helping Hank Dietle's Reopen!

In the Process of Rebuilding

Help Us at Hank Dietle's Tavern Rebuild!

A fire on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 has made it necessary to do a lot of remodeling before we reopen.

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Hank Dietle's the morning after the fire

Help Bring Back One of the Few Remaining Roadhouse Taverns and Let Us All Celebrate Our 103rd Year!

Hank Dietle’s opened in the 1950s and has been a staple of the White Flint/North Bethesda community ever since. The tavern’s beer and wine license is numbered 001. The tavern is a bungalow with a porch, pool table, pin ball machine & on many nights live music. People complain that the world is changing to fast. If you are one of those people come to Dietles! Dietles is pretty constant and has not changed its decor to keep up with the latest trends. It retains its comfortable atmosphere and is a great place to meet friends and make new ones from all walks of life. Need a place to gather for a celebration? Dietles has allowed many a group to show up and host their event at Dietles. No fees but you are expected to buy your liquid refreshments from the bar.

The building was constructed in 1916, and first housed a general store, with two gas pumps outside. It was owned and operated by Edward Offutt; he and his family lived in a house next door. he actual bar in the tavern predates the building. In the 1940s, a fire destroyed the original bar. So, the owner at the time — prior to Hank Dietle — traveled to Baltimore to buy a “new” bar. He found one about 100 years old and it was sawed down to fit where it sits today. Tony Huniak, who began going to the tavern in the 1970s, purchased Dietle’s in the 1990s to save the neighborhood bar from closing.

Drinkers have three choices: beer, wine or water. Food? Chips. The Tavern plans to start serving meals in coming months!